Hilarious reactions from “Game Of Thrones” on Twitter on the occasion of the one year anniversary of the final


How has it been ONLY a year since the end of the show ?!

Believe it or not, it’s been exactly ONE YEAR The iron Throne completed. And it was such a controversial and very glaring ending that people are still salty today. Let’s take a look, okay?


How seven big seasons were canceled with just one not-so-great final season:

A lot is going on these days, but it’s important to remember that Game of Thrones had such a terrible final season that one of the biggest cultural touchstones of the past decade was almost immediately wiped out of public speech https://t.co/7S6zuOsyK5


The fact that everyone had a better story than Bran:


Ignoring Bran and recognizing Sansa as the real winner:


Recognizing that the wounds were deep:

A year later, the anger is still as strong as the day the final episode aired. #The iron Throne


Stay true to your anger:

a year ago today, I tweeted “shut up” on the official Game of Thrones twitter account bc they tweeted bullshit like “did you like the end et” and you know what i support


By the time you have this terrible flashback:

I just remember the horrible Game of Thrones season finale that we had after waiting a whole year


Looking back on better times:

in honor of Game of Thrones’ last anniversary, here is a scene where the show was really good. #The iron Throne


This metaphor unfortunately true for many of us:


Souvenir from May 19, 2019:

That day, last year, we were watching the #GameofThrones finale.

I’m still crazy about this ending.


Feel like the Had the finale was sort of the beginning of all the bad things:

1 year ago today, the Game of Thrones season 8 finale disappointed us all and the world has not been the same since.


Celebrate universal hatred:

Happy birthday to modern TV’s biggest final flop #GameofThrones ? #IStandByDaenerys


Wishing that things didn’t end the way they ended:


WISHING that the show ended like this instead:


Pretend like the show has not gone beyond its peak:


Remember how complaining about a TV show was the “worst” of our problems:

Miss the days when everyone’s biggest complaint was the #GameOfThrones trash final.
Good time.


And finally, REALLY feeling this thought:

How is it only a year since the end of Game of Thrones? It sounds like a fucking decade.

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