Here’s how the queen spends quarantine


  • The Queen is spending her forties riding a horse and relaxing with Prince Philip.
  • She wanted to resume her royal duties as soon as possible.

    Wondering how Queen Elizabeth is doing in quarantine? Not bad, my friend! His Majesty is said to have “made the most of” his confinement time, and sources say Vanity Fair royal reporter Katie Nicholl says she is “in a good mood” and rides a horse daily.

    Windsor, United Kingdom May 10 embargoed for publication in British newspapers up to 48 hours after the date and time of the creation of Queen Elizabeth II attends Day 1 of the Royal Windsor Horse Show in Home Park on May 10 2017 in Windsor, England Photo by Max Mumbyindigogetty Images

    Max Mumby / IndigoGetty Images

    “One of the nicest things for the queen is that she spends more time with her husband than she usually would,” said a source. “They have dinner together in the evening and I imagine that the queen is of the generation where she dresses for dinner. She drives every day and takes advantage of this time. “

    Regarding reports that the Queen may never return to public service due to the coronavirus, sources say she actually plans to return “as soon as she can.”

    “We cannot see that she is going against official government advice, but it is fair to say that she is anxious to get back to normal,” said a source. “It’s a delicate line, but I think we will see her do private audiences again and more of the work than we used to see her doing in public at some point in the future. She still receives her red cards from the government and has her weekly audience with the PM. There is nothing to suggest that it is backing down; she performs very well as head of state. “

    Apparently, palace aides will not comment on the Queen’s fall plans, but the events are programmed: “The idea that we will not see the Queen in public is certainly not the case. The Queen plans to return to work, and when she does, I think we will see her work harder than ever. ”


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