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Fans of the DC Extended Universe created by Zack Snyder have received a lot of good news in the past two weeks. Not only Zack Snyder Justice League to be released by HBO Max, but apparently Steel man star Henry Cavill will remain Superman, albeit in an uncertain capacity.

Now that Henry Cavill has been confirmed to continue playing Supes, fans have asked for something else. They want director David F. Sandberg to add the head of Henry Cavill to the previously faceless cameo made by the Big Blue Boy Scout at the end of the Shazam! Last year. Well, ask and you will receive, because that is exactly what the filmmaker did. Find out below and make your Superman dreams come true.

Henry Cavill added to Shazam!

The future of Henry Cavill in the extended DC universe was unclear at the time Shazam! was done, so he wasn’t brought in to show his face as a Superman. But with this clip, Henry Cavill is now Shazam!and now he has a cool elongated neck like a kind of dragon. Are you happy now You have what you wanted. If you are not satisfied with this, you may need to be more specific with your requests.

Sandberg laughs here, but it’s clear that it was probably annoying for the fans to ask for something totally unnecessary in the grand scheme of things. Obviously Superman appears at the end of the film, and you don’t need Henry Cavill’s face to sell it.

Now that Zack Snyder Justice League is released by HBO Max, fans have moved on to their next request, which is to have the release of David Ayer’s streaming service Suicide Squad, something that sounds like that might actually be easier than finishing the Zack Snyder Justice League. Pandora’s box has been opened and there is no return option.

Stay tuned to find out what’s going on with Superman’s future in the DC extended universe.

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