“He won’t be on the team”: New evidence proves how Michael Jordan put a stop to Isiah Thomas’ career


ESPN ‘The last dance’ showed the dark side of Michael Jordan. Among all the controversies brought to light by the docuseries, one of the most discussed has been the Michael Jordan – Isiah Thomas quarrel. The duo’s hatred for each other has never been hidden, and it seems that MJ was as mean as he was perceived.

Recently, incredible evidence has surfaced that could prove that Jordan was absolutely at fault for what we might call, the worst incident in Isiah Thomas’ career: being left out of the Dream Team.

How Michael Jordan Dirty Isiah Thomas

Even though Michael Jordan was a rookie when Isiah Thomas was at his peak in career, the two stars shared a very unhealthy relationship.

According to John Salley, who played with the Pistons as well as the Bulls, the rivalry started when Thomas’ nephew wore a Jordan jersey. Thus began a constant competition between the two, to be better than the other.

Michael Jordan

The community is well aware that Jordan was not really enthusiastic about Thomas being part of the Dream Team 1992. However, no one has ever proven it. A new audio clip, however, reveals that Jordan actually influenced Thomas’s place on the team.

Sports novelist and writer Jack McCallum published the audio on the “The Dream Team Tapes” podcast. The clip seems to confirm that MJ largely contributed to the exclusion of Thomas.

The gang includes Jordan, simply saying that he would not play if Thomas was on the team. In the clip, MJ says:

“Rod Thorn called me. I said, “Rod, I won’t play if Isiah Thomas is on the team. “He assured me. He said, “You know what? Chuck doesn’t want Isiah. So Isiah will not be on the team. »»

How did the league react to MJ’s stubbornness, you ask? Well, according to USA Today’s Jeff Zillgitt, NBA players were traveling to the Olympics for the first time. Therefore, the league had a lot to gain, apart from the medal.

“The United States could not send a team without Jordan. ” Zillgitt wrote. “It was a necessity. “

Zillgitt also mentioned that if Son Airness didn’t want Thomas to be on the team, “No matter how many people there were on Thomas’s side, Thomas didn’t go. “

Michael Jordan

The 1992 Olympic men’s basketball team received the nickname “Dream Team” because it was the first time the team had active NBA players. The team emerged victorious, winning the gold medal. The media have called the team the best sports team to meet.

As a result, even if Isiah Thomas remained a legend at home, being kept away from the Dream Team was painful. It ended up increasing hatred between him and Jordan.

We know Jordan to be a con and hold grudges. However, it looks like he went a little too far with this stunt.


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