“He was a center hell”: Tracy McGrady reveals player who helped him improve


If there is an established list for all the talented superstars who have never won an NBA title, Tracy McGrady would surpass it. McGrady was an extremely talented athlete who made his presence known in his rookie season in the league. But for each rookie, there will be an experienced player to show him the light and his path in the team. For T-Mac, it was an indispensable experience.

The 1997 NBA draft saw a young Tracy McGrady be chosen ninth overall by the Toronto Raptors. After going through a difficult year for newbies, T-Mac improved his work ethic and made waves as a teenager alongside his Lakers friend Kobe Bryant.

Even though he endured a painful first year with the Raptors, McGrady simply was not left to his own devices. There were teammates who stayed on the team for him, which boosted McGrady’s confidence at a large level. The Hall of Fame mentioned its savior during difficult times in a recent appearance on “All the smoke” Podcast.

Tracy McGrady salutes the person who helped him the most during his rookie season

Speaking to Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson about the person who helped him the most during his first year, the seven-time All-Star has come a long way in memory and chose the name of Doug Christie. “One man who has helped me the most is my brother Doug Christie. I love Doug. I played Doug head to head every day. ” McGrady began.

The 40-year-old mentioned his duels and said they could be extremely competitive. “We were fighting, dude. And that’s how I worked on my head-to-head match and how I gained confidence because he was a great defender. It was a hell of a center. And to go against him every day, I will be ready for anything. ”

T-Mac thanks Christie for helping him improve his game, which has reached impressive levels in just a few years. Christie and McGrady played with the Raptors for three years before leaving the team in 2000.

Leaving the Raptors, McGrady has played for six other NBA teams during his career. But he didn’t realize his dream of winning the championship. However, T-Mac’s stellar gaming and work ethic will always be a point in his favor.


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