Harris Co. judge Lina Hidalgo signs new home maintenance order until May 20


HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) – Harris County judge Lina Hidalgo signed a new home stay order Saturday, just two days after the statewide home stay order expired Thursday, 30 Hidalgo announced that non-essential businesses in Harris County and others that had not been reopened by Governor Greg Abbott’s order were to remain closed until May 20.

“We must remain vigilant for a gradual reopening of work,” she wrote in a tweet.

Some companies may now have to reconsider their reopening.

The Onyx club, a strip club in the Galleria area, opened at midnight on Thursday as a restaurant offering entertainment, but HPD later told them to close. The club then launched a lawsuit on Friday.

It followed the guidelines for Phase I, allowing restaurants to operate at 25% capacity from May 1. The club had limited clients and the artists all had masks, but HPD officials were unsure whether the club met the description of a restaurant. , so the district attorney got involved.

Club president Eric Langan admits it’s a club, but he also serves food and decided at midnight that it would operate like a restaurant that also had artists.

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