Grim Reaper visits Florida beaches as DeSantis government lifts restrictions COVID-19 / Boing Boing


Well, it looks like the reopening of Florida is going very well, just great today.

Ron DeSantis opened Florida beaches on Friday and lifted other anti-COVID-19 restrictions across most of the state.

Friday was also the day when Daniel W. Uhlfelder, a lawyer and resident of Walton County, launched his “Grim Reaper Beach Tour” of state beaches.

Here he is above, interviewed on WMBB News 13.

Uhlfelder has been dressing up as The Grim Reaper in a hilarious shit outfit for quite some time now, and hanging out on the beaches (social distancing!) To remind people that shit is real.

He says he is doing this to draw attention to the dangerousness of the coronavirus and the fact that people do not take precautions seriously.

Uhlfelder says he is most worried about people in the hard-hit southern regions.

Uhlfelder has launched a website where people can contribute to his tour.

More coverage from the Pensacola News-Journal, below.

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