Great Clips customer who may have been exposed to COVID-19 speaks


SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – A customer who may have been exposed to COVID-19 in a Great Clips in Springfield speaks. A hairdresser worked for several days while he was sick with the virus. Now another stylist has also tested positive.

“Now I am a person directly affected by COVID and I never thought it would be so close to home,” said Erik Chase.
Chase visited the Great Clips on S. Glenstone a week ago on Sunday May 17. The following Saturday, the Springfield-Greene County health department informed him that he would contact someone who tested positive for coronavirus.
He was one of 84 clients who had their hair cut by a stylist who worked while showing symptoms of COVID-19.
” It’s a big problem. It really gives me a lot of worries, ”said Chase.
Chase said authorities asked him to stay home until May 31, 14 days after he cut his hair. He must take his temperature twice a day and ask the health service. He will be tested for the virus this week.
“All because someone was not responsible,” said Chase.

He said that all of the customers wore masks at Great Clips while he was there, but he saw stylists who weren’t. Chase said the stylist who cut his hair was not wearing gloves. More than that, said Chase, the sick employee should never have been at work.
“They should have stayed at home,” he said. “I also think that the employer had a big responsibility that if one of his employees did not feel well, especially with this pandemic, to send his employee home. “
Now another stylist from this salon has tested positive for COVID-19. They contacted 56 additional customers, bringing the possible number of exhibitions to at least 140 people.
“I know the employee feels really bad about what happened. I’m sure they both do, but you have a situation that has caused a chain reaction, ”said Chase.
Chase said that from the time he visited the Great Clips until the day he was informed, he contacted 15 to 20 people. At this point, he expects the worst.
“So I don’t think the story ends anytime soon, I think the saga continues,” said Chase.
The owner of the Great Clips on Glenstone said the store is closed for deep cleaning and will reopen when the health service says it is safe. She wrote in a message, she is also worried because her employees are threatened. Chase said that even if he was disappointed that it had happened, violence was not necessary.
Below is a full statement from Great Clips, Inc .:
“The top priority for our business and our 1,100 independent franchisees is the well-being of the customers, staff and communities we serve. Before franchisees began reopening salons in late April, we established and communicated improved safety and disinfection protocols for franchisees to follow based on guidelines from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as local health authorities. Despite these precautions and the diligent work undertaken by hundreds of franchisees and their respective salon teams in the past few weeks, we have recently received confirmation that two stylists in a salon owned by a franchisee in Springfield, Missouri have tested positive for COVID-19. Both stylists are following medical advice and taking appropriate action, and the local health service has informed those who have come into close contact with these stylists. The franchise owners have closed the salon to undergo additional disinfection and thorough cleaning, in accordance with the directives of the m health officials. “


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