Gordon Ramsay allegedly “questioned” by Coast Guard about locking behavior


Television chief Gordon Ramsay is said to have received a check mark from the coast guard for his apparent breach of government lock-in rules.

Ramsay, his wife Tana and their children were locked up in their £ 4 million mansion in Trebetherick, near Daymer Bay, while the UK is still in detention for coronaviruses.

Cornwall Live reported yesterday (Friday, May 1) how the 53-year-old television star was seen twice buying pastries and flapjacks in Fowey, 40 km from their mansion.

Ramsay has also been spotted on other occasions in Fowey where he owns a property that used to be Lloyds Bank.

He converted the property into a luxury vacation home on Fore Street overlooking the estuary.

Gordon Ramsay and his family are currently in Cornwall
Gordon Ramsay and his family are currently in Cornwall

Ramsay and family arrived in Cornwall before the lockout was imposed, but the famous chief’s foreclosure decision sparked outcry from local residents who claim he sets a bad example and puts local people at risk .

According to sources at dailymail.co.uk, Ramsay has been seen in Rock, Fowey, Port Isaac and Newquay – all at a distance from his Trebetherick home.

A Maritime and Coastguard Agency source, whose officers and volunteers patrol beaches and around coastal areas, reportedly told dailymail.co.uk: “We have information that he has been seen in dozens different locations since locking started.

“He doesn’t seem to be obeying the rules regarding social distancing, exercise and staying at home.

“We know that he traveled to Port Isaac, 13 kilometers from his home, to Newquay, 23 kilometers, and even to his third Cornish home in Fowey, 40 kilometers and 45 minutes. have a good day.

Gordon's house has a large outdoor patio with several seats, including a circular stone table surrounded by wooden chairs - perfect for alfresco dining!

“One of our collaborators told him how often he was seen and the long distances. After a period of reflection, he seemed to calm down and accepted what was being conveyed in the most polite manner. “

Ramsay also posted on social media showing him going out for long bike rides to train for a charity Ironman triathlon.

He was also criticized for filming a video urging people to “stay home” as part of a campaign on YouTube.

Gordon Ramsay’s spokesperson has so far not commented.

CornwallLive is also awaiting news from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency regarding an official comment on the matter.


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