Google Pixel 4a would abandon Active Edge


The Google Pixel 4a is said to be cheaper than last year’s Pixel 3a despite more storage. However, it all comes at a cost, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see Google save money on its next mid-ranger. Well, apparently, the first thing that happens is the Active Edge functionality.

To refresh your memory, this feature debuted with the Pixel 2 and has been available on all Pixel phones since then. 9to5Google’s Stephen Hall says it won’t be there on the Pixel 4a. The functionality would not be present on the Pixel 4a pre-release. It is difficult to say at the moment if Pixel 5 will also give up this functionality.

Active Edge basically allows users to call the Google Assistant, mute incoming calls, and snooze. You can even remap it to use a PDA of your choice. Of course, you can also use touch inputs to perform these actions, but touch input is sometimes faster and easier.

The feature has apparently been replaced by a double tap on the back gesture, so fans don’t really miss it. This new feature probably won’t need any special hardware and will use the accelerometer and gyroscope, so it’s a win-win. It will allow you to double tap the back of the phone to perform various tasks and theoretically should be about as good as Active Edge.

And in case you’re wondering, Google is probably already working to make sure the feature isn’t accidentally activated.

The operation will likely be rolled out to other Android phones in the future, but at first it will likely be exclusive to Pixel phones.


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