Google Pixel 4a: here’s the only reason to buy it on iPhone SE


Even before its launch, the Pixel 4a is already at a disadvantage compared to the iPhone SE 2020. Google will simply not be able to match the powerful processor A13 Bionic from Apple, but the Pixel 4a will have its own weapon not if secret in the battle to find out who has the best cheap phone.

As good as the iPhone SE camera, the Pixel 4a should have a big advantage when the lights go out. For some reason, Apple has decided to reserve its night camera mode for the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. And that leaves a big opening for the Pixel 4a.

Google brought its Night Sight mode to the mid-range Pixel 3a last year, and functionality is expected to return for the Pixel 4a. Yes, the iPhone SE has a flash, but it cannot light an entire scene remotely like Google phones can. Check out the exterior photo below of the iPhone SE vs Pixel 3a and you’ll see a pretty marked difference.

As you can see, shooting the Pixel 3a does a much better job of bringing the lawn to the fore, the tree, the car parked near the sidewalk and the house across the street. With the iPhone SE, it’s much more difficult to distinguish one of these things in your photo.

In this photo of a candle inside with very little ambient light, the iPhone SE does a decent job of capturing the candle itself, but you can’t see the table or the runner in black and white on Table. The Pixel 3a captures the entire scene, although it does blow up the wick itself.

This last example is certainly extreme, because I took this photo in almost complete darkness. But it does show how impressive Google’s computer photography skills are. The wooden and glass plant holder in the center, as well as the white supports on the left and right, are all visible. You can also distinguish spherical glass balls.

With the iPhone SE photo, it’s almost entirely black, although you can see some of the edges of objects when you drag the slider back and forth.

The Pixel 4a will likely be on an even better rear camera and maybe some improvements to Night Sight this time around. And we’ve already seen some examples of Pixel 4a cameras that are very impressive in varying lighting conditions.

Of course, those who are comfortable and familiar with iPhone and iOS will likely remain in the Apple ecosystem. But if you’re ready to try Android or have already tried it, the Pixel 4a’s camera – and its unique Night Sight mode – will probably be the best reason to get it on the iPhone SE.

And if you’re ready to sacrifice some performance, the Pixel 3a with built-in Night Sight mode has dropped to $ 239.


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