GMB fans worried about Ben Shephard when he “looks absolutely knocked out” for Piers


Hello, British viewers were worried about Ben Shephard today after noticing that he looked “absolutely knocked out”.

The 45-year-old was recruited on Monday to cover Piers Morgan, who revealed over the weekend that he is suffering from coronavirus symptoms.

Although he received a negative test result for the coronavirus, Piers remained unemployed as he continues to feel sick.

He confirmed via Twitter that he would return to work until his doctor told him that he would be willing to return.

Susanna Reed was joined by Ben Shephard again today on GMB

GMB fans said Ben looked “stunned” at the program today

However, viewers were concerned after seeing Ben on the screen today as he presented the show alongside Susanna Reid.

Dr. Hilary wished Piers a “quick and quick recovery” yesterday, adding, “He’ll be there very soon, I imagine. “

Ben admitted, “Yes, the sooner the better. I’m tired enough and it’s only the second day, frankly! “

And fans have noticed that Ben doesn’t look like himself today, with a tweet: “Does Ben find it hard to stay awake? He looks completely knocked out. “

Another commented: “Three days a week, so early, look too much for Ben at the moment …”

Others, however, were happy that Ben was on GMB instead of Piers, with a tweet: “A relief when you turn on #GMB to see Ben and not Piers hahha @gmb. “

Another wrote: “I haven’t watched #GMB since @piersmorgan went wild, yelling and yelling uncontrollably at the guests. I don’t know much about @benshephard but at least he is calm, polite and professional. This is why ITV replaced Piers Morgan with him. If so, good decision! ”

* Good Morning Britain is broadcast on weekdays at 6 a.m. on ITV


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