Gloves provide a false sense of security during COVID-19: U of G expert


According to Professor Keith Warriner, food microbiologist, University of Guelph, wearing gloves can actually increase the risk of spreading viruses like COVID-19.

Warriner explains that wearing gloves gives you a false sense of security and can make us forget how often we should be handling items right now.

If gloves are used to replace hand washing, he says, therein lies the problem.

“I saw people eating with gloves, I saw people drinking with gloves, answering the phone. Even when you take off the glove, there is a special way to do it so as not to contaminate your hand – a dirty hand, a dirty glove, touch your face, you might as well – no matter if you have a glove or not. “

Warriner says the four pillars of the fight against the virus are: wearing masks, eye protection, frequent hand washing and social estrangement.

He believes that people see doctors or nurses on television wearing gloves and assume that it is the right thing to do.

“It’s a very different goal, basically in hospitals, what they’re trying to do is try not to get the infectious agent from the real patient. But also, you try to avoid taking this infectious agent and passing it on to someone else. “

Even with gloves on, he says, it is possible to touch a recently contaminated surface, then touch your mouth, nose or eyes and be potentially infected.


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