Glasgow buses introduce tough new rules from Monday to keep passengers safe


Capacity will be reduced on Glasgow buses to protect passengers and drivers.

First Bus has revealed that they will only occupy one in four seats with passengers counted in and out of the vehicles.

Signs indicating that the bus is full will be displayed on the destination screen when the limit is reached and drivers have been asked to miss the stops and refuse to let the others board.

The plan will be implemented from Monday to ensure compliance with the rules of social distancing.

New technologies will be used to count passengers when purchasing tickets.

And 75% of the seats will be blocked and those in use clearly indicated.

Andrew Jarvis, Managing Director of First Bus in Scotland, said: “Our priority is and has always been to ensure passenger safety on our bus services.

“Social distancing measures are being introduced on our buses this week to ensure the safety of our colleagues and customers.

“Our buses will operate at a reduced capacity with around 1 seat out of 4 available, but thanks to the monitoring of passenger data, we will be able to provide double-decker buses on the busiest routes and will have a limited number duplicate buses ready to add routes where necessary to try to provide the best possible service for essential routes.

“We will be working closely with the Scottish government and Transport Scotland to ensure that safe distance measures are in place and await further guidance on measures to be taken for services in Scotland.”

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Jarvis said the company will continue to work with unions to protect passengers and staff.

He added: “We have worked closely with our colleagues and the unions on the measures we are taking to allow social distancing for our colleagues and clients.

“We are asking for the patience of people in these difficult times as we adapt our service offer according to the government’s directions.

“Together, we can all play a crucial role in getting Scotland back on its feet.”

The new Ticketer system allows drivers to manage bus capacity.

But Dave Lynch of First Bus reminded the public to travel only when travel is required.

He said, “We fully support government directives and urge passengers to travel only if their trip is essential. “


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