Georgia restaurant owners refuse to reopen after lockout ends


More than 50 Georgian restaurateurs will not open their doors to the public, even though the governor has ended the state’s foreclosure against coronaviruses.

Governor Brian Kemp encourages businesses to reopen, despite an increase in the number of deaths and confirmed cases of COVID-19. The latest figures from the health department show that 1,167 Georgians have died and 27,492 have tested positive.

The restaurateurs released a full page ad in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution to explain their position.

“We agree that it is in the best interests of our employees, our guests, our community and our industry to keep our dining rooms closed at this time,” said the announcement.

“Recognizing that every operator faces incredibly difficult decisions on the way forward, we affirm that public safety is the top priority when we meet this challenge.”

Georgia has run ahead of all but a handful of other states in an attempt to contain the economic fallout, officially allowing many to return to work starting April 27.

Kemp’s decision goes against many public health experts and even President Trump, who berated his fellow Republican for acting too quickly.

“I want him to do what he thinks is right, but I don’t agree with him on what he’s doing,” Trump told reporters last month. “I think it’s too early. “


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