George Floyd Protests Live Updates From Minneapolis, Atlanta, New York City


Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison responded to a controversial tweet from President Trump, saying that “calling thugs and asking people to get shot” stems from the same type of attitude that led to the death of George Floyd , in an interview with “CBS This Morning”. ” Friday.

“The badass, macho man,” I’m going to make you do what I want you to do “is the crux of the problem,” he said.
Trump said on Friday that the Minneapolis protesters were “thugs” and promised that “when the looting begins, the gunfire will begin.” The tweet was quickly flagged by Twitter as “glorifying violence.”

Ellison called on Trump and others to stop the angry rhetoric that permeated the conversation surrounding the death of Floyd, after a third night of protests over the lack of criminal proceedings for the officers involved, buildings were burnt down and broken windows.

“Violence breeds violence,” he said, adding that Mr. Trump’s “angry words” are fueling “an ugly cycle going on in my beloved city of which I am so proud.”

He said public attention must shift from demonstrations to the “message of justice for George”.

“When you’re in the prosecution and investigation business, prejudging what you’re going to do before you have the facts is not a good idea,” he said. “But we all saw the videotape. It’s deeply disturbing. It seems very, very good that George Floyd was mistreated, mistreated and it seems that this knee on the neck could have caused his death. “

Ellison admitted that he “clearly” had his own opinion on whether the kneeling officer, Derek Chauvin, and the other three officers involved should be charged. But he said he did not want to “prejudice” the investigation.

Asked why the police were not arrested despite calls to raise charges, Ellison simply replied that “the answer is that the authority to make the charge did not do so” .

“Do they have good reasons? I guess so, “he said.

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison Over George Floyd Death, Protests


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