Gareth McAuley’s Celtic rant is crazy and makes the Rangers seem like a laughingstock – Hotline – Sports Hotline


Gareth McAuley has had a bigger impact on Scottish football with his controversial claim that the Celtic title is tainted than in a 10-game career with the Rangers.

The former Northern Ireland international spent 10 months at Ibrox, but struggled for playing time during the first season of Steven Gerrard in charge and was largely anonymous.

But the wool-dyed Gers fan took center stage in the park when he wrote a newspaper column claiming that the nine consecutive history of the Hoops counted for nothing due to the incomplete season.

And people sat down and paid more attention to the former West Brom man after that than they ever did when he was in Glasgow – and he certainly upset a few on the Hotline .

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Ian Tomlinson, Mossblown, said: “I can assure delusional Gareth McAuley that fans of other clubs in Scotland recognize the titles of Celtic unlike the EBT titles of his former club.

“What an embarrassing statement. The Rangers and their fans really laughed at a club that was once proud with their shameful shame and jealousy. “

Frank Docherty, Barrhead, said, “The only thing that is hollow is the distance between the ears of Gareth McAuley. He is one of those Ranger legends that no one has ever heard of. “

Tommy Turner e-mail: “Yet another hollow and baseless statement from the blue corner and playing to the masses.

“An individual whose dream of playing for his childhood heroes has turned into a nightmare and will forever be marred by failure. “

Brian Flynn, Lochee, said: “I had to laugh at Gareth McAuley describing Celtic’s last win as tainted when the Rangers were denied a CVA, had to be liquidated and sent to the lower divisions.

“There is only one club that should be embarrassed and it is not Celtic. Shameless. “

John Morgan, Armadale, said, “I couldn’t stop laughing when I read Gareth McAuley when I said he wouldn’t have felt the same if the Rangers had won the title under the same circumstances.

“For him, attacking his professional colleagues is despicable and perhaps the Rangers are in their current position because they had players like Gareth who are not fit to wear the famous blue jersey. “

Davey McQueen, Dunfermline, email: “These are sour grapes from Gareth McAuley. What has he accomplished in his career? He could not keep a place in Scottish football. “

Lewis Doyle, Limerick, said, “Can someone tell me who Gareth McAuley is? I had never heard of this guy until I took my Sport Record Tuesday. “

Kenny Wilson, Moffat, said, “Can anyone tell me who this so-called ex-Ranger star Gareth McAuley is and what he has earned that makes him such a Scottish gaming expert? “

Patrick Cunningham sent by e-mail: “Gareth McAuley’s comments are absolutely crazy, for some crazy to reason the titles of his Celtic which are tainted. What does he think of the Ranger titles won during the EBT years? “

Another man who caused a storm with his comments, but who is a much more recognizable face, is the former boss of Scotland, Gordon Strachan, who has played in professional clubs in the lower league which are run like amateurs but who always have a say in big business.

This opinion shared with Malcolm Fairweather, Arbroath, saying, “By what right did Gordon Strachan get a chance to join part-time clubs in Scotland?”

“I don’t remember hearing about him in a lower league game. These clubs are run largely by volunteers and in many cases are the center of the local community and although the standard is not always the best, there is honesty in football at this level and each player gives 100% for often little return. ”

But Andrew Adams, Kirkcaldy said: “It is not often that I agree with Gordon Strachan, but he is absolutely right.

“There are teams in the leagues who, in my lifetime, have been in the same position as today, have no intention of doing anything and are not embarrassed if they are promoted or relegated. “


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