Funeral home “snatched” lavish prepaid shipment from coronavirus victim


A British funeral home “snatched” a 92-year-old coronavirus victim, his family accused.

Iris Lawley spared no expense for her last goodbye, pre-paying around $ 5,000 in 2017 for the prominent “gold plan” offered by Co-op Funeralcare, reported The Sun.

The expensive package came with a veneer coffin, limousines, embalming and time in a resting chapel.

But now Lawley, who died on April 14 amid the raging coronavirus pandemic, will be cremated in the pajamas in which she left her nursing home – and a service only 10 mourners can attend.

Co-op Funeralcare first offered the Lawley family a meager refund of $ 456 for the plan change, according to The Sun.

Lawley’s daughter Carol Winfield lashed at the funeral directors – saying that her dead mother “is being ripped off.”

“I’m totally disgusted with the whole scenario,” Carol told the newspaper.

Co-op Funeralcare finally reimbursed Lawley’s funeral plan – exchanging it for a simpler package and even paying a payment of $ 312 in goodwill.

“A funeral plan is a very special and unique arrangement, and delivering it is one of the last wishes we can give to our loved ones. Unfortunately, due to government directives, we are unable to comply with certain aspects of the late Mrs. Lawley’s funeral plan, “a company representative told The Sun.

Winfield is now trying to raise money to buy a karaoke machine for the retirement home where his mother lived. She last saw her mother on April 14 – wearing protective gear to hold the elderly woman’s hand about an hour before her death.

“Since mom loved music, I want residents and staff to remember her by singing while buying a karaoke machine, mom would love it,” she said.


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