Frye: Jordan’s only job juste was just to score, ’LeBron is better


Former NBA veteran Channing Frye firmly believes that Michael Jordan is not the greatest player of all time.

“I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t a Jordan fan. I’m from Phoenix. I’m a guy (Charles) Barkley, a guy Kevin Johnson. I’m a guy from “Thunder Dan” (Majerle), “said Frye. during the podcast “Talkin‘ Blazers with Channing Frye ”. “So even if everyone is shocked, I never had Jordan on my best player of all time anyway … I have LeBron (James) on top of Michael all the time. “

Frye, who won an NBA championship in 2016 alongside James with the Cleveland Cavaliers, described Jordan’s role with the Chicago Bulls as one-dimensional while defending his opinion.

“He only had one job, and it was fair to score. And he did it at an incredible rate, “said Frye of Jordan. “But I don’t think his way of winning would translate into what he is now. The guys wouldn’t play with him. “

Jordan retired with an illustrious resume that includes six championships, six MVPs in the finals, five MVPs in the regular season, a defensive player of the year award and 32,292 career points. In comparison, James has won three championships, three MVPs in the finals and four MVPs in the regular season, while accumulating 34,087 career points to date.

“The Last Dance”, the ESPN docuseries which draw the curtain on the career of Jordan, ends with the diffusion of episodes 9 and 10 next Sunday.


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