Froome fears that the Tour de France will have a hard time keeping fans away


London (AFP)

Chris Froome is concerned that Tour de France organizers will find it difficult to prevent fans from gathering to watch the race even though it is not open to the public due to the coronavirus.

The Tour de France has been rescheduled for August 29 from its initial start date of June 27, but there are still concerns about how to organize the event in the midst of the pandemic.

The French government says no mass rally can take place before September, but said the tour could still continue on its new dates if the opening stages are properly managed.

However, the rider of the Ineos Froome team, quadruple winner of the Tour de France, thinks that it will be difficult to control if the crowds present themselves.

“For sure, we can start the race without people standing on the roads and fans in that direction,” Froome told former English cricketer Kevin Pietersen during a live chat on Instagram.

“I mean, we can put on the run and it can be broadcast on TV.

“You would not get the same scenes as you would go through these tunnels of people everywhere and everything else.

“This may be the version of the race we need to see this year. I do not know.

“In theory, we can start the race, but I think the biggest question is if the organizers could stop people from going out and gathering in large crowds?” I think that’s the biggest question. “

Froome, 34, missed the Tour de France last year after suffering serious injuries in an accident.

He hit the gym every day during the lockout to try to replicate what he would do at this time of year in preparation for the Tour.

“Some days I even do up to six hours sitting on the stationary trainer – big days,” he said.

“Obviously, I’m also coming out of a big injury now.

“Much of the training I have done so far has already been inside, so it almost prepared me for the whole lockout period in a way. “


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