French visitors to UK may no longer be exempt from quarantine after Boris spokesperson pointed out misunderstanding


FRENCH travelers arriving in the UK will not be exempt from the proposed new two-week quarantine rules, as announced by the British government on Friday in a sharp turn compared to what had previously been agreed.

“If you look at what was really said in the joint declaration on Sunday evening, he indicated that no quarantine measure applies to France at this stage and the keywords of this sentence are” at this stage ” “Said the Prime Minister’s spokesperson. “So there is no exemption agreed with France.

“What we have said is that we will be working with the French on this issue in the coming weeks.”

The spokesman said a task force would be set up between the two countries to provide “consultation”.
Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Sunday that Britain is planning to impose a two-week quarantine on international arrivals to the United Kingdom as part of its efforts to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. On the same day, Johnson also told French President Emmanuel Macron that “no quarantine measures would apply to travelers from France at this stage.”

In a statement, the Interior Minister said on Friday: “No quarantine measures apply to France at this stage. Further details on quarantine will be provided before the introduction of these measures. “


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