France Unveils Large Culture Rescue Plan As Germany Reopens Museums “With Poles”


In response, Macron pledged crisis aid to the so-called 100,000 on Wednesday. intermittent showor temporary show business workers.

As part of a special unemployment insurance scheme, dancers, comedians, set designers, filmmakers and festival creators across the country receive a monthly allowance paid by the state, provided they work 507 hours over a 12-month period.

However, the intermittent, who often rely on spring and summer festivals, had warned that they would never achieve this goal. Macron said he wants the government to commit to extending current payments for 12 months starting in late August.

He also pledged a temporary rescue fund to help thwart film and TV series productions and a “big public commission program” for young artists under the age of 30.

This week, an epidemiologist submitted to the French government a special report on the functioning of cultural places while mitigating the threat of contagion.

The recommendations included two vacancies between theater goers, wearing a cover mask and ending bars and intervals to avoid mixing.

The report also suggested that opera actors and singers respect social distance on stage or take serology tests, as well as special fans facing down next to wind players to prevent them from transmitting. viral loads to colleagues or the general public.

Many in the industry have dismissed these measures as “impractical.”

“How are you going to get 2,700 into the Opéra Bastille while respecting the distance? Asked the director of the Paris Opera, Stéphane Lissner, who said that he would not reopen before 2021.

“What are we going to do for the toilet and the orchestra pit?” “, He asked France Inter.


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