France to sell 10 million liters – 4 Olympic swimming pools – of badly turned beer


France will get rid of 10 million liters of beer that has not been consumed or has expired due to the closure of the coronavirus, the national association of brewers said on Wednesday (6 May). According to reports, the quantity of beer is sufficient to fill four Olympic swimming pools. The national association of brewers, which represents 98% of beer production in France, is said to have compiled the figures with contributions from nearly 300 members.

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The head of the brewery association Maxime Costilhes, while speaking to the press, said that the spoiled beer was very hoppy and had been left in storage for too long, which affected the taste and aroma. Maxime also added that most of the beer lost was craft beer, which is not pasteurized unlike traditional lagers and spoils quickly. The association also urged the government to get aid to make up for the loss as the sector is currently heavily indebted after investing 241 million euros ($ 260 million) in development in 2019.

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France locked out in mid-March, shutting down all non-essential businesses, including restaurants and bars, where most of the beer that is currently thrown away would have reached. On April 13, President Emmanuel Macron announced that the country would experience easing of the lockdown restrictions from May 11. Prime Minister Philippe has issued new guidelines outlining how the country will move forward in the coming months, allowing businesses to open, but said restaurants and cafes will remain closed until at least June.

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Coronavirus in France

The peak in France would have passed, the country having recorded a little more than 500 new cases on May 2 against more than 17,000 on April 3. New deaths in the country have also dropped significantly, registering only 135 new deaths compared to 1,438 on April 15. According to Worldometer figures, France has so far notified 1,747,191 confirmed cases of coronavirus, of which 25,809 people have lost their lives. The recovery rate in the country is 68%, with 51,972 recovered from the disease to date.

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