France to review Covid-19 tracking application for June


The controversial phone app, which should be called StopCovid, will enter a test phase next week and is expected to be debated by MPs in the week beginning May 25.

The government hopes that it can be deployed from June 2, coinciding with the planned start of a second stage of “deconfinement”, in which more rules will be relaxed compared to the provisions put in place for a first stage from from next Monday, May 11.

There were initial plans to be debated at the end of last month for a possible deployment by the start of the deconfinement, but that proved impossible.

The application is still under development, although it “is progressing relatively well,” said Minister of Digital Affairs Cédric O to the news channel. BFM Business.

It is also controversial, with a number of MEPs as well as rights groups raising questions about data protection and other potential pitfalls.

Mr. O said next week that they will test the app in real situations to make sure it works.

It is supposed to report, via Bluetooth communication between mobile phones, if a person using the application has been close to another user who has tested positive for Covid-19. It is similar to a system used in Singapore.

Use of the app would be voluntary, but widespread adoption may be necessary to play an important role in slowing the epidemic.

If it continues, it will be part of a larger plan to find and contact those who have been in contact with people infected with Covid-19. To learn more about these plans, see this link (subscribers / paywall).


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