France, Spain and the United Kingdom prepare to ease blockages from Monday


In Spain, regions where hospitals can show they are able to handle a possible second wave of coronavirus infections will be allowed to release their locks as of Monday.

In some areas, mainly rural, bars and restaurants will be allowed to open half of their terrace. Churches, theaters and museums will also be reopened with a limitation on the number of visitors.

But Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez said that the spread of the virus could increase again.

“The fight against the epidemic continues because it has not been extinguished and will not be extinguished until we find a definitive vaccine or therapeutic remedy,” said Pedro Sánchez.

In France, after 55 days, the lock will also be relaxed on Monday.

People will not need to present a permit to travel within 100 kilometers of their place of residence and public transportation will shift into high gear.

But restaurants, cafes, bars and museums will remain closed for the time being.

Hairdressers will also open, as will small boutiques but not large malls.

In the UK, which has the highest death rate in Europe, the measures to ease restrictions are much more restrictive.

The government should allow people to exercise outside longer.

And £ 2 billion will be spent to promote walking and cycling, in part by widening the sidewalks, establishing cycle paths and making certain streets only open to cyclists.


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