France risks second wave of virus as deconfinement begins


Prime Minister Edouard Philippe himself acknowledged that the government’s approach was prudent and that the deconfinement process should be adapted to the evolution of the situation.

He said, “If the numbers [of the epidemic] let’s stay low, we can congratulate ourselves, and enter a new phase. If not, we will deal with the consequences and adapt. I obviously wish to avoid this assumption at all costs, but it would be unreasonable not to mention it. “

Samuel Alizon, researcher at the scientific center the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) at the laboratory of infectious diseases in Montpellier, told the newspaper Le Figaro: “If, thanks to tools to fight epidemics such as wearing masks, mass tests of people who have been exposed [to the virus], and the tracing of the contacts, we manage to sufficiently reduce the R,…


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