France reports increase in deaths at Covid-19, but number of hospitals continues to decline


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                Le bilan des décès dus au coronavirus en France a augmenté de 351 à 27 425 jeudi, a annoncé le ministère de la Santé, mais le nombre de patients hospitalisés et en unité de soins intensifs a continué de baisser.

Le décompte de jeudi marque une augmentation significative par rapport aux 83 décès signalés mercredi, en grande partie en raison d'un retard dans la déclaration des décès dans les foyers de soins pour personnes âgées du pays.

The higher count means that the overall death toll from Covid-19 in France has again exceeded that of Spain, making it the fourth highest in the world after the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Italy. Spain reported 217 new deaths earlier Thursday, bringing the death toll to 27,321.

The French Ministry of Health said in a statement that the number of people hospitalized with Covid-19 infections fell again to 20,463 from 21,071 on Wednesday, continuing an unbroken downward trend now in its fifth week.

The number of people in intensive care – a key measure of a health system’s ability to cope with the pandemic – also continued its downward trend, from 129 to 2,299, compared to more than 7,000 in early April at most. strong from the crisis.

These two numbers are good news for the government, which began lifting the foreclosure measures this week in an effort to revive a declining economy.

The government has warned that it will consider closing the country if new daily infections exceed 3,000. On Thursday, the number of infections increased from 622 to 141,356, up 0.4% on the eighth consecutive day the number of cases has increased by about half a percentage point or less.

“The Covid-19 epidemic remains active and the virus is still circulating in France,” the ministry warned in its statement.

Earlier today, Prime Minister Édouard Philippe announced an 18 billion euro ($ 19 billion) support program for the French tourism industry, infected with viruses, which represents nearly 8% of domestic product gross and attracted nearly 90 million foreign visitors last year.

(FRANCE 24 with Reuters)



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