France registers 330 Covid-19 deaths in 24 hours, the highest in six days


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                Le nombre de personnes décédées de Covid-19 en France a augmenté de 330 pour atteindre 25 531 mardi, le taux d'augmentation le plus élevé en six jours, selon les données du gouvernement. 

Le ministère français de la Santé a déclaré que le nombre de personnes dans les unités de soins intensifs était tombé à 3 430 contre 3 696 lundi, en baisse pour une 27e journée consécutive.

The number of people hospitalized with a coronavirus also fell to 25,775 from 25,548, also continuing an uninterrupted fall of three weeks.

Relaxation of locking begins May 11

France is expected to begin easing its lockdown on May 11, when people are allowed to travel up to 100 kilometers (60 miles) around their residence without a justification form. Travel beyond 100 km will always require a justification form.

Macron called for caution and “pragmatism” when traveling outside the 100-kilometer zone to avoid accelerating the spread of the virus in areas of low infection.

France released a color-coded map last week, dividing the country into areas ranging from red for areas with high infection to green for areas with low infection. The card is designed to serve as a reference for the flexibility of the lockout.

The French government’s easing measures have attracted the attention of critics who say they are confusing and that the country is not ready to face the severe social distancing and other protective measures that will be necessary after May 11 to prevent an outbreak of the epidemic.

But the government has defended its calendar with French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe, saying Monday that “economic life must resume imperatively and quickly”.

(FRANCE 24 with AFP and REUTERS)



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