France records 80 new deaths from coronaviruses, lowest daily toll in a month, Europe News & Top Stories


PARIS (AFP) – French health authorities announced Saturday, May 9, 80 new deaths from the new coronavirus, the lowest number recorded in 24 hours since early April.

Figures for people in intensive care also declined, with 38 people admitted to intensive care.

The death toll in France is now 26,310, one of the highest in Europe.

Only four of the latest deaths have been recorded in nursing homes, a dramatic drop from daily figures for the past few weeks, compared to 76 hospital deaths.

France is expected to loosen decontrol restrictions imposed eight weeks ago on Monday, with health authorities now recording much less pressure on intensive care services from the peak of the crisis.

A total of 22,614 patients remain hospitalized, including 265 new admissions on Friday.

A total of 95,829 people have been hospitalized since the start of the epidemic and, to date, 56,038 people have returned home after treatment.

“The epidemic remains active and evolving and the virus is circulating in many areas across the country,” said the directorate of health, warning against social isolation from the start of deconfinement.

Although France hopes that the worst will be over as it cancels certain restrictions, the European Parliament adopted on Saturday evening a final bill extending the state of health emergency of the country until July 10.

The upper chamber’s senate had previously given the green light to the text despite some opposition fears that measures to track people infected with the virus and their contacts could harm their privacy.


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