France pledges to “test massively” by releasing the lock



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France is “ready to massively test” those suspected of having the coronavirus and anyone who came into contact with them next week, the health minister said Thursday.

Olivier Veran said that France would be able to carry out 700,000 PCR tests per week for the virus from Monday, when it would begin the difficult process of loosening its lock of almost eight weeks.

The minister said the authorities – who have been heavily criticized for the lack of mass testing – now have enough capacity to cover the needs of the entire population.

France is one of the most affected European countries, with some 26,000 deaths since March.

Testing and tracing are considered essential to allow the country to return to work, identifying those who are infected with the virus so that they can be quickly isolated.

Veran admitted that there may be a “gap between theory and practice” of testing in France, as many people who received doctors’ prescriptions for tests were unable to obtain them.

But he insisted that “our testing capacity today is at the level of our estimated needs”.

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