France is again closing a number of beaches after unacceptable behavior on the part of residents in the context of the relaxation of the COVID lock


FRENCH beaches have been closed again due to reports of “unacceptable behavior”.

Several beaches on the Breton coast of Morbihan were closed again this week after their reopening last weekend in accordance with the new deconfinement rules. Local mayors have ordered the beaches closed after hearing reports of incidents that do not respect social distancing rules.

In a press release, the Morbihan authorities stressed that “the municipalities concerned are Billiers, Damgan, Erdeven, La Trinité-sur-Mer and Saint-Philibert”.

The statement also warned that “the mayor has said the police will now be allowed to pass” from educating people to distributing fines “of € 135 per offense as of today.

from a small number of people who do not respect the “dynamic nature” of the beaches.

Similarly, in Finistère, the local authorities still prohibit public access to two beaches: Porsmilin and Portez. In a press release yesterday, the ministry declared: “The good weather conditions made that there were many people on the beaches of Finistère, mainly in the rules fixed by the mayors, but with the exception of certain cases where user behavior did not meet expected standards.

Police also investigate after a crowd of 150 people showed up for a football match in Amiens (Somme) at the Soufflot stadium on Saturday evening last week. Police said they had evacuated people from the stadium, and one person – a man, suspected of helping to organize the event – was interviewed. An investigation has now been launched into “endangering the lives of others” and “non-compliance with isolation measures”.


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