France invents new words for podcast, clickbait and chick-lit in the war against ‘Franglais’


France has found new words for podcasts, clickable baits and lighted chicks to prevent its citizens from using the English terms instead.

The government agency in charge of preserving the French language has proposed “click trap” – which means “click trap” – to replace the clickbait and “audio on demand” for the podcast.

Many of the new words that the Commission for the Enrichment of the French Language wants to replace are related to technology and some have already been used for years in France.

Among the words they are trying to kill are deepfake, fake news, fast fashion, timelapse, showrunner and chick all.

Deepfake should be replaced with the words “infox video or videotox” and fake news should be replaced with the words “infox”, an acronym closer to the French words for the term.

The government’s language preservation commission works with the country’s French Academy to control the use of French.

The academy did not approve the change of gender articles affiliated with traditionally male terms such as the liberal professions in 2019.

A discussion of the words used to refer to the current pandemic has also occupied the academy in recent months.

They recently chose the coronavirus (male) and COVID-19 (female), although most people in the country had used the male article to refer to both.


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