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Dozens of French healthcare professionals have been fined after protesting the government’s manipulation of the coronavirus. The decision to fine doctors and nurses sparked outrage across the country amid growing fury at conditions in French hospitals. Several demonstrators at the rally at Robert Debré hospital north of Paris chanted Emmanuel Macron to resign.

At least 50 health workers have been fined and three people arrested for a demonstration outside a Paris hospital, according to police in the French capital.

More than 400 doctors, nurses and hospital staff wore scrubs and banged trays and pans to demand better funding for the hospital.

The police justified the arrests and the fines, saying that the demonstrators had broken the rules of social distancing.

Officers fined those who refused to leave the site £ 120 on the spot.

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Images of the demonstration show medical personnel calling Mr. Macron regarding low healthcare costs, stagnant wages and the depletion of coronaviruses.

A nurse attacked the idea that the French government would award medals to front-line workers and launch a parade in July to celebrate the “heroes of the coronavirus”.

He said, “A medal and a parade for July 14, no. A re-evaluation of wages, the end of the abolition of beds, an increase in the number of carers, yes. We are not soldiers. “

Local media reported that Robert Debré Hospital was already suffering from financial problems before the outbreak of the coronavirus.

The French president was confronted by furious medical workers, who berated Mr. Macron for his response to the coronavirus crisis.

The demonstration comes as Emmanuel Macron lost his absolute parliamentary majority on Tuesday

Several leftist deputies from his party defected to create a new political group called “Ecology, democracy, solidarity”.

The COVID-19 pandemic has killed more than 28,000 people in the country.


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