France confirms 109 new Covid clusters “under control”


Clusters have been identified but none have spread to become a new epidemic, and “there are no longer any signals to suggest that the epidemic will restart”, said health agency Public Health France (SPF).

In his latest weekly summary, on Friday May 29, SPF said: “109 clusters (excluding retirement homes and limited family backgrounds) were reported: 104 in metropolitan France, and 5 in the overseas departments.

“No uncontrolled community spread (occurrence of new cases outside the community and related to the cluster) has been reported.”

Each cluster is now “under control” (no new cases in the last seven days since the last reported case) or terminated (no new cases in the last 14 days) “, said the SPF.

Health officials reminded people that an increase in the number of clustered cases was “not bad news in itself” and was in fact a sign of better reporting, as long as the positive cases were isolated. Of these 109 positive clusters, according to SPF, “64% had more than five cases”.

He specifies: “They mainly concern people in precarious and vulnerable situations (19% of social housing establishments and 6% of vulnerable communities), health establishments (22%), and more generally businesses (20% private and public companies). ”

(Map: Public Health France /

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Improved estimates

The agency added that it estimated that there were “149,071 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in France” between January 21 and May 28. This number was based on new “more comprehensive” estimates based on “data from patients tested in laboratories and the city hospital.” laboratories “(system called SI-DEP).

The number of positive PCR (polymerase chain reaction) virology results – which indicates whether the person being tested has the virus at the time of the test – is an important indication of whether the epidemic starts again.

From May 18 to 24, “216,891 patients were tested” for Covid-19, of which 4,119 were positive (1.9%).

SPF said: “Over the past seven weeks, the epidemiological indicators of the spread of SARS-CoV-2 have been falling or remaining at low levels in mainland France. “

These indicators (deaths, hospitalizations, intensive care admissions, etc.) also show that “the proportion of new cases among residents of nursing homes has decreased over the past 14 days, compared to the previous 14 days” , said the SPF.

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