France and Germany spend time with Media 2020



The time spent with the media will reach record levels in France and Germany in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. While some of these gains are temporary, daily media time will remain above 2019 levels for at least the next two years.

Has the coronavirus pandemic affected the total time spent with the media?

In other words, yes. But not all time savings in the media will be sustainable, and many of the changes are accelerations of pre-pandemic trends, rather than transformative changes in the way consumers in France and Germany use the media.

Which media categories drive growth in 2020?

Above all, they will be the usual culprits: digital video and mobile. But linear TV will also be boosted this year, as will computer Internet use, through telework and online education. Print media and radio will experience larger than expected declines.

Will the growth in time spent with the media last beyond 2020?

Yes and no. Certain behaviors, such as increased viewing of digital videos, will persist and develop from a new, higher 2020 level. Others, including traditional television, will fall back to what we expected before the pandemic. The written press and the radio will not be able to compensate for their losses in 2020.

WHAT IS IN THIS REPORT? This report explores our latest forecasts for the time spent with the media in France and Germany, and how COVID-19 will affect media usage patterns in 2020 and beyond.


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