Fox News drops coronavirus coverage for anti-Obama conspiracy theory


If you woke up from a coma on Wednesday afternoon and checked out Fox News or the network website, you would be forgiven if you had no idea that the country is currently experiencing a pandemic killing people. tens of thousands of Americans and leaving millions more unemployed.

This is because the conservative network largely ignored the virus in the afternoon and in its prime-time programming. After Republican senators released a list of Obama officials who sought to unmask the name of an unidentified American man taken from intelligence reports, who turned out to be Michael Flynn, Fox News said it all. (Asked about the lack of coverage for coronaviruses, a Fox News spokesperson highlighted coverage earlier in the afternoon.)

Fox News hosts such as Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham meditated on new developments in connection with the alleged “OBAMAGATE” scandal that the network has promoted in recent days with President Trump. Network anchors like Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum have also made a difference. And during the day, softball interviews were given to Republican Senators Rand Paul and Ron Johnson, who have so far refused to appear on CNN.

Online, the Fox News home page has prominently posted articles on the subject, while barely mentioning the coronavirus or the devastation it has caused to the nation and the world. It looked a lot more like the front page of far-right Breitbart than a credible news organization.

That Fox News would push a dishonest misinformation campaign against Trump’s political opponents is reprehensible, but not surprising. The network has been injecting poison into the national conversation for some time. But it is particularly disgusting that Fox has engaged in such behavior when more than 83,000 Americans have died from a virus that has disrupted American life.

And while it may be tempting to ignore it and dismiss it, there is a real story here: it is that the President of the United States, in collaboration with a large American network, is polluting the wells of information during a pandemic to help divert attention from bad news and spur re-election efforts.

Hannity attacks judge in Flynn case

After federal judge Emmet Sullivan asked if Flynn could be tried for contempt of court for perjury, and appointed a retired judge to plead the DOJ case to dismiss the case, right-wing media outrage ‘indignation. This was most evident in Hannity’s comments on Wednesday evening.

“You botched that from day one and you had a bias from day one,” Hannity bubbled. “You feel ignorance, you feel political bias. So, Judge Sullivan, you and you alone from this day on are responsible for continuing what has been a travesty of justice that destroyed four years of the life of an American hero, and it is time for a new place and a new judge and someone like you who has no political bias. “

“Health experts keep saying uncomfortable things”

Meanwhile, when Fox News found time to cover the coronavirus, it was done in part with a view to criticizing Dr. Anthony Fauci. After Fox News’ prime-time programming beat Fauci the day before, Carlson resumed doing so on Wednesday. Carlson, who called Fauci “buffoon” at the start of the week, said Fauci was “sometimes absurd.” And he made fun of him like a “cold stone genius that you are not allowed to question.”

Carlson’s previous remarks drew the attention of hosts to CNN and MSNBC. John Berman joked, ” [Fauci] was called a jester. This could be something Tucker Carlson knows something about. “Nicole Wallace said,” Fox not only played with fire, but was sung with the careless comments of people in their tune. “And Chris Hayes abstract: “The biggest problem is that the president and the people in charge of propaganda on his behalf do not like that health experts keep saying uncomfortable things. “

Limbaugh explains Trump’s Fauci strategy

Radio host Rush Limbaugh answered a question from a caller on Wednesday asking why Trump continues to praise Fauci. Limbaugh explained how Trump should “deal” with Fauci, since he is so widely respected. “You rent it up to the hilt, just like Trump does,” said Limbaugh. “You rent it up to the guard. You talk about his brilliance and you say that we are so fortunate to have Fauci. “

” ‘Oh my God. Tony, you should run for office, “then privately ignore everything he says and apply your own policy,” added Limbaugh. “This is the only way to do it. The appellant asked Limbaugh if Trump would pursue such a strategy. “I think it already is,” replied Limbaugh.

>> Note: Trump criticized Fauci on Wednesday, saying his response to the reopening of schools was not “acceptable …”


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