Former UFC champion Luke Rockhold kicked a “sketchy” woman who spit on her


  • Former UFC champion Luke Rockhold described a recent incident in which he kicked a “sketchy” woman who tried to spit on him while he was walking his dog.
  • He said he thought she was homeless and probably on crystal meth. “She looked bad, like, homeless, probably methamphetamine and just a mean and mean look. “
  • Rockhold said she threw a loogie and tried to spit on him, so he kicked her and let her “tremble like a vampire frying in the sun”.
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A former UFC champion said he kicked a “sketchy” woman in Los Angeles because she apparently tried to spit on him after running like “a zombie”.

Luke Rockhold, a 35-year-old mixed martial artist, told Submission Radio this week that when he walked his dog in the Santa Monica area, he ran into a woman he described as homeless and in crystal meth . Then she threw out a loogie like “she was trying to infect him”.

To protect himself, he said he hit her with a “vicious” kick that left her “shaking like a vampire frying in the sun”.

He said, “There were a few sketchy characters. I see this girl, maybe 30 years old, she was on the bus stop bench, and she looked bad, like, homeless, probably methamphetamine and just a mean and mean look. “

Rockhold said she had “shit everywhere” as well as “blood or something”.

“She was great out of it [and] looked up at me as quickly, looked down. I didn’t think about it, and just stayed on my way to the curb and started walking.

“As I got closer, she came out of nowhere and ran towards me like a zombie. It was wild. It was like the last thing I expected. I was just walking and taking care of my own business with my dog, and this chick just runs within 15 feet.

“She just jumped up and started running at me like‘ arghhh ’and she started swearing a loogie like she was going to spit on me, trying to scare me or infect me. I don’t know what she was doing, but it didn’t “look like everything I want to be around. “

Rockhold said he reacted instinctively. “As he approached me, I just ripped up with a vicious kick and threw that thing up in the air. The thing just went up, landed on the ground, and literally started to shake like a vampire frying in the sun or something. ”

“Honestly, it happened so quickly that I didn’t even think about anything,” added Rockhold. “I thought she wasn’t even paying attention, I thought she was pretty much drug-free. “

“She just watched for a second, maybe about 25 feet away. But when I approached her, maybe about 15 feet away, she just got up and ran towards me. It was funny because you could see her preparing the brooch. »»

Rockhold said the pin ended up landing on her when she was lying on the ground and escaped unharmed without being spit.

“I checked myself, nothing bothered me, and I said to myself …” I got out of here “. “

Rockhold, a surfer, skateboarder and male model, organized the UFC middleweight championship from 2015 to 2016 but has not participated since July 2019.

We don’t know if and when it will return to the Octagon.

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