Former Man Utd kit man remembers when Sir Alex Ferguson and his team covered in poo


Manchester United sailor Albert Morgan recalled the day Sir Alex Ferguson had a stench in Sunderland.

Morgan, kit-man and pilot for the boss of Old Trafford during many of his years at United, is a legendary figure of the club and a man with more secrets than most Fergie years.

Now retired, Morgan gave a glimpse into life at United – and remembers the day it all turned sour for Fergie and his team at the Stadium of Light in October 2010.

Morgan said, “We are going to the floor and there was” drip, drip “, they had a bucket under this drip and they said” we have a leak in the ceiling of the locker room “.

Alex Ferguson with Albert Morgan before a match in 2012

“So all the boys were getting ready, they were all walking around this bucket, the manager was around like him, he had made his team speak at the hotel and read his program.

“We all went out on the field for the warm-up. After a few minutes, one of the security officers came and said, “Albert, I think you better come to the locker room, this bucket is a little full.”

“By the time we returned, the bucket had been changed to a bin. Well, we came in and they had these ceiling tiles, before you could say “whip”, one of them burst.

“There was shit everywhere! The gaffer just came out. It was everywhere on the costumes, the clothes, on the walls, everywhere.

“Dimitar Berbatov was going crazy for his shoes, his shoes just sank in three inches of shit,” Morgan told the official Manchester United podcast.

Dimitar Berbatov was particularly angry at the incident

“You couldn’t save anything. Everything was gone. Shoes, costumes. The only thing we could do was put on the guys’ socks and shoes to get the jewelry and the watches.

“It is three minutes to ten. The match starts at three o’clock and the match jerseys are all splashed with sh * t. They had to put the game back half an hour.

“All the players said I didn’t play in there. “

Fortunately, Morgan had brought a spare kit that the players could change as the mortified Sunderland boss Steve Bruce arrived to help clean up the mess before a 0-0 draw.

“He enters through a door at the back of the dressing room. He had this brush, it must have been 14 feet wide, “says Morgan.

“And there’s a big Brucie coming up in the back shoveling that shit out of the locker room.

“We just put the costumes in black bags and destroyed the lot. “

Sunderland English manager Steve Bruce
Steve Bruce, then manager of Sunderland, helped clean up the mess

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Morgan also remembers the day he gave David Beckham his shirt for the Charity Shield shock in 1997 with Chelsea – with his name misspelled.

“It was a bit of bad luck. I have four Beckham shirts in my bag because I used to carry two long and two short (sleeves) with me.

“And obviously you get a blind word and you don’t see the spelling mistakes, well I haven’t seen it anyway. I put his shirt on his ankle, he put the shirt on and he was on the bench.

“The game was going on and suddenly the gaffer turned around and said” Becks, get ready. ” He took off his shirt and I immediately thought, “Ohh Jesus.” There was no H at Beckham.

“When other people printed the names, we weren’t doing them internally. “

You can listen to the rest of the Monday night interview, as well as previous UTD podcast episodes, via the Manchester United website, the app, and all of your favorite podcast platforms.



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