Footballer found alive four years after alleged death


Former Schalke player Hiannick Kamba has been found alive and four years are presumed dead.

The defender, who was formerly teammates with German No. 1 Manuel Neuer, was reportedly pronounced dead in January 2016 following an apparent accident in his home country.

His then club, eighth-level VfB Huls, mourned his death, but has now been found living in Gelsenkirchen.

Prosecutors have launched an investigation against the player’s ex-wife who allegedly received six-digit life insurance.

Kamba’s ex-wife says she realized she was eligible for life insurance and presented documents to the insurance company to prove her death.

Hiannick Kamba climbed the ladder at Schalke

She is currently under investigation for fraud based on reports that the documents were forged.

Prosecutor Anette Milk told Bild, “The accused is charged with fraud, but denies doing so. The procedure is still ongoing.

” [Kamba] said his companions left him overnight during a trip to the interior of the Congo in January 2016 and took his papers, money and phone from him. “

Kamba is expected to be a witness after completing a return application to Germany two years ago.

Hiannick Kamba climbed the ranks alongside Manuel Neuer

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Since returning to Gelsenkirchen, Kamba has returned to his former job where he worked as a chemical technician for an energy supply company.

Kamba’s family was expelled from Germany in 2005 after fleeing the Congo 19 years earlier.

Kamba was allowed to stay in the country because of his status as a young team player at Schalke and was granted asylum and residence rights.

The 33-year-old has spent his entire senior career playing in several clubs in the lower leagues of Germany.


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