Florida unemployment system breached, 98 claimants’ data hacked


Almost 100 people had information in their unemployment claims revealed in a state unemployment system data breach that was released on Thursday.

The Florida Department of Economic Opportunities did not initially indicate the number of people affected, but agency spokeswoman Emilie Oglesby said in an email Thursday that 98 people were part of the “l ‘data security incident’.

The agency said the violation had been corrected within an hour of authorities becoming aware of the incident.

He did not specify what information was disclosed or when the violation occurred. As part of its initial announcement, the ministry said it was covering the costs of identity protection services for those affected and advised them to report any unauthorized activity on their financial accounts.

Senator Linda Stewart, D-Orlando, sent a letter to Jonathan Satter, the state official brought in to monitor the unemployment system last month, and asked for information on a range of issues, including the number of people affected by the breach, the a breach has occurred and measures have been taken to ensure that the information does not remain in danger.

“Given the agency’s track record in processing unemployment claims, I am sure you will understand the great concern I have that all remedies have been taken up quickly and that Floridians can rest assured that their personal information is now secure and will be protected from future attacks. “Wrote Stewart.

Satter is secretary of the Department of Management Services, but was asked by Governor Ron DeSantis to resolve issues with the unemployment system amid massive job losses from the coronavirus.

“We have informed individuals who were involved in a data security incident associated with requests for re-employment assistance,” department spokesperson Paige Landrum said in a statement. “This problem was resolved within an hour of becoming aware of the incident.”

Landrum said the Economic Opportunities Department covers the costs of protecting the identity of the people concerned and advised them to report any unauthorized activity on their financial accounts.

“At the moment, we have not received any reports of malicious activity,” Landrum said in the statement.

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