Florida Department of Health inspection teams investigate Walt Disney World before it reopens


As Walt Disney World and Sea World deliver reopening presentations to the Orange County Economic Recovery Task Force tomorrow, Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings informed the press that the health teams had inspected the theme parks of the Walt Disney World Resort today, with satisfactory results.

Demings said an Orange Country inspection team has visited Walt Disney World and Sea World today to see if they follow CDC recommendations and the governor’s decrees.

“The inspection team consisted of two representatives from the Florida Department of Health in Orange County, the medical director of the county EMS, the county construction manager and the director of services. county planning, environment and development. I look forward to receiving comments from the inspection team based on what they have observed today. “

Mayor Demings has also seen some of the plans to reopen Walt Disney World, but the final presentations will be released tomorrow morning.

“We don’t expect to see the final theme park presentations before their presentation to the task force tomorrow morning … If the task force approves the plans – recommends approval of the plans – I will write an approval letter to Governor DeSantis similar to what I did last week for Universal Orlando and the 12 smaller attractions that opened last weekend. “

There will also be “secret buyers” at Universal Orlando Resort, and most likely at Walt Disney World and Sea World properties, to ensure that customers follow appropriate health and safety measures.

Dr. Raul Pino, health official at the Florida Department of Public Health in Orange County, said his team was “very happy” with what they saw at the theme parks today .

Pino shared that after each guest has experienced an attraction, cast and crew members should consider that the person who previously set up the attraction could have contaminated the ride. Employees are also recommended to wear masks, wash their hands frequently and try to limit pedestrian traffic, which will be difficult in some parts of the theme parks.

Such social distancing measures have already been implemented at Disney Springs with the first gradual reopening. One-way directional markers and designated entrances and exits may work best for stores and can easily be adapted to attraction queues, but for customers wishing to browse the theme park, it can be a challenge to stay online and cross the parks in a singular direction.

The virtual presentation will be given by Jim MacPhee, senior vice president of operations at Walt Disney World Resort, and will cover the company’s proposed phased reopening approach. The meeting begins at 10:00 am and will be broadcast on Orange TV.

Check back tomorrow for the official Walt Disney World announcement regarding their plans to reopen.


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