Florida Coronavirus: Video Shows Man Screaming “False Pandemic” To Masked Officer In Grocery Store


“This is a false flag, a false pandemic,” a stranger yells on a body camera worn by the code compliance official on Sunday.

“You are violating my constitutional (explanatory) rights and my civil rights,” shouts the man. The video was published this week by officials from the city of Miami Beach, Florida.

In early April, Miami Beach ordered customers and store staff to wear masks to protect themselves from the coronavirus. The city is located in Miami-Dade County, one of three counties exempt from the Florida reopening plan that began on Monday.

The code officer was performing a routine check on Sunday at a Publix grocery store when the video was captured. It is unclear what happened just before the start of the recording or what triggered the exchange. CNN asked Publix to comment.

Miami Beach city officials released the video, which also shows the man threatening to file a class action and shouting “You are terrorists” and “There is no pandemic.”

The agent tells the man that the store is private property and that he must wear a mask to enter, but the man continues to shout that his rights are being violated.

After about a minute, a boss wearing a mask intervenes and yells at the man to leave, shows the video.

“Leave if you don’t give a sh * t. We have the right to give a sh * t, ”the boss shouts. ” You go. “

The code compliance officer then dispatched radios, although the man who shouted at the officer was not cited or reprimanded in the incident, officials from the city of Miami Beach said.

“Shouting or insulting city workers who put themselves in danger and do their jobs is really unacceptable,” said Miami Beach mayor Dan Gelber. “The City is not going to start arresting people for not wearing masks or violating the rules of social distancing. But we need you to follow these procedures even if you do not agree with them. “

Governor Ron DeSantis and the mayor of Miami-Dade, Carlos Gimenez, announced at a press conference on Wednesday that southeast Florida will soon be ready to reopen. But Miami Beach officials cited other cases beyond the Publix meeting of apparent resistance to the rules and recommendations intended to keep residents safe.

Miami Beach closes park just five days after reopening, nearly 8,000 helmets and distance rules are broken

The city closed the popular South Pointe Park on Monday – just five days after it reopened – due to residents ‘crackdown on park wardens’ public health directives, officials said.

Park wardens reported that customers said they would break the warning tape and that angry customers said, “Go ahead yourself,” city officials said. A Cuban-born park warden has been told “go back to your communist country,” they said.

“Our inspections for face covers and social distancing are not always welcome, but we do it for the greatest good,” said Miami Beach code compliance director Hernan Cardeno. “I am proud to lead a team of code compliance professionals who are on the front lines of our community on a daily basis, just trying to make sure the public respects the safety measures in place during this global pandemic.”


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