Fitness centers prepare for COVID-19 workout changes


When COVID-19 closed the city, it also closed gymnasiums. Now, fitness centers are preparing for a change in the way we train when the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

For many people, fitness is more than just a hobby, it’s a way of life. Sure, running and biking outdoors is great, but for people who don’t do home gymnastics, nothing can replace the haste you get when lifting weights.

The closure of these facilities has been difficult for people, not only physically, but also mentally. But there is a light at the end of the bar. Some companies are starting to open, which means the gyms are not far behind.

Some have already started implementing certain procedures to prepare for this day, including Movati Athletic.

“We bought electrostatic sprayers for each club,” said Kathleen Carroll, director of operations for Movati.

“We have invested more than $ 30,000 in this equipment so that what we can do overnight is when the club is closed, we can then spray electrostatic each surface, each equipment. “

Ensuring that these gymnasiums are spotless is the number one priority. Customers need to feel secure in order to resume their normal training routines.

In addition to constant cleaning, gymnasiums will limit the number of people who can join a group fitness class or use cardio equipment, in order to respect physical distance.

“In our group fitness studios, which would normally have 45 people, they have 12. On the cardio deck, you will see each treadmill, it will be everyone else,” says Carroll.

Movati will also limit the number of equipment available to customers in the early stages of reopening for security purposes, including child care, saunas, steam room and swimming pool.

GoodLife Fitness also made some changes, according to founder and CEO David Patchell-Evans.

“Some options we are exploring include limiting the capacity of the club, blocking or disabling certain equipment to increase physical distance, renewing our goal of thorough cleaning, increasing safety procedures and training our associated. “

And it’s not just the big box gyms that are adapting to the new standard. The Fitness Lab Ottawa is making its own changes.

“Right now our class size is 50, but that number should probably be reduced to 18,” said Adam Bracken, founder and president of the Fitness Lab Ottawa.

Bracken also says that after classes are over, members may have to leave the facility immediately to make room for the next class. Maybe even without having time to take a shower.

At first, most gyms are unlikely to be as busy as they were before the pandemic. It could be a gradual ascent to full capacity, until the audience is comfortable around each other. But you never know, summer is fast approaching, as is your next representative.


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