First call: James Harrison has a lot more to say about the Steelers beyond the “envelope”


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In Friday’s first call, we look at everything James Harrison said in this interview with Willie Colon outraged the payment deducted from his coup on Mohamed Massaquoi.

Also, this story doesn’t go well with Saints coach Sean Payton. False crowd noise on NFL broadcasts? And another “Lemieux” has the number 66.

That’s not all

Former Steelers linebacker James Harrison made headlines suggesting that Mike Tomlin paid at least part of his fine for his infamous hit against former Cleveland Browns receiver Mohamed Massaquoi.

He did not say that directly. But that’s what he was trying to make us think. the Steelers deny it, by the way. The same goes for Harrison’s agent.

But that only scratched the surface for the full interview with former teammate Willie Colon on the “Going Deep” podcast.

While it was the story that caught the most attention, Harrison had a lot more to say in the 90 minutes of Q&A. As transcribed by PennLive, here are a few other things he discussed:

Kevin Colbert stands by him during his disciplinary hearing with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell: “They send me with Kevin Colbert, right? What I don’t know is that Kevin Colbert was a murderer, OK? He doesn’t like them either. ”

How he and Mike Tomlin came at loggerheads during his playing time in 2017: “His words were” I would be stupid to set you free and one of these guys gets hurt and falls. “I said, okay, that’s what you want to do, cool. Well, I’ll tell you right here right now. I said, “If I don’t play, I don’t stay. So if the match was coming, and he hadn’t dressed me to play, I’m gone. Yes, I went home. ”

Almost fight former offensive coordinator Bruce Arians after small collision with Ben Roethlisberger in training: “He says:” You are stupid (explanatory) “. I said “Man, who (expletive) do you think you’re talking to, man? I’m going to shout your (expletive), say another word (expletive). »»

Beyond that, Harrison explores why he turned down White House visits after the Super Bowls, how much the team partied while Bill Cowher was the coach, and how he looks back on his days in Pittsburgh.

Click on the PennLive link and you will get the full transcript… er….

Well, it’s close. I think.

Pouty Payton

Since we mentioned the alleged salary of Mike Tomlin of James Harrison …

… Well, someone reported it to Sean Payton.

The New Orleans Saints coach has been suspended for a year because of his team’s notorious BountyGate situation.

When it comes to players paid for big hits, you might think Payton is acutely sensitive.

Pretty sure. He has sensitivity. And it’s acute.

I love it when things like this happen.

So what does Payton want? Does he think his team has been mistreated, so Mike Tomlin and the Steelers should do it too?

Or is it crazy that the NFL can retroactively investigate something like his case?

Because, theoretically, if his saints have been harmed by the malfeasance of NFL investigators, then he shouldn’t want the Steelers to be the victims of the same wrongdoings.

If the Steelers did, then he should want the league to be as hard on the Steelers as it was on his club. However, this is something that still seems to upset Payton.

Let me know when the goal posts stop moving, Sean. And tell me which side you are on.

That should be it, right?

Many people wanted the Steelers to write Oregon offensive lineman Shane Lemieux.

Why not? Another Lemieux in Pittsburgh? It would be great, right?

A problem. David DeCastro is wearing number 66. He was not going to give up on that. Especially after Alan Faneca had it in front of him.

No such problem in New York, where he was drafted by the Giants.

Huge. Now let’s hope that Adam Graves is not yet living in New York. Or else this child had better make sure his wrists were kept at all times.

It’s really quiet here

Fox Sports broadcaster Joe Buck said his network was looking for a way to artificially mix crowd noise if fans were not in the stands for NFL games.

Bad idea. We all know it is wrong to enter. It will seem wrong when it happens. And it will sound (and seem) even worse the first time something capricious happens during a game.

Also, will the NFL allow referee hoots when a bad call goes against the home team?

Come on, it will seem wrong. It will be like a video game from the 1990s.

What is WWE? Everything is false. We all know it’s pretending. And we pretend it’s not wrong anyway. Is this how it will work?

Be real. This is what we are going through. It is reality. Let’s describe what’s really going on.

Worse, there is even talk of somehow spreading fans via an app on their phones. Apparently they tried it during a Tunisian soccer match or something like that.

Cool. Does Tunisia have an FCC? Because it’s going to be a problem here.

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