Ferrari Insider reveals that Daniel Ricciardo has already signed with McLaren for 2021 to replace Carlos Sainz


According to the latest reports, Daniel Ricciardo has signed with McLaren. Many believe the Australian is a favorite for the vacant seat at Ferrari in 2021. However, Ricciardo may be on his way to Woking’s outfit next year. As with all rumors, take these reports with a grain of salt.

Ferrari opts for Sainz

As things stand, there will be a seat available at Ferrari next year. With the separation of Sebastian Vettel and La Scuderia, a very lucrative campaign has just opened. Naturally, any driver would want to be part of the most iconic team in F1 history.

According to several reports, Ferrari is considering 3 potential replacements for the Vettel headquarters. The drivers considered are Daniel Ricciardo, Carlos Sainz and Antonio Giovinazzi. Many believe that the Maranello outfit will choose between Sainz and Ricciardo. Word of the rumor has it that Ferrari has decided on its 2021 driver lineup and will announce it soon.

Apparently, Ferrari is moving forward with Sainz and not Ricciardo as the second driver next season. Although few people agree with Ferrari’s decision, the Italian team has its own priorities to consider. However, Ricciardo can still emerge unscathed after all this.

According to famous Italian journalist Leo Turrini, McLaren replaces the outgoing Sainz with Ricciardo.

Daniel Ricciardo at McLaren?

“Sainz is a solid driver, but it must also be said that in a few years he has only made one podium, even if he has never had big resources available. It’s not the name that warms the heart. Ricciardo? It seems he has already signed with the McLaren “ Turrini was quoted saying.

Losing a Ferrari seat is painful, but the honey badger could head for a team that certainly has the potential to win in the world championship. McLaren has been on the run lately and has seen positive growth over the years. In addition, the team finished fourth in the Constructors’ Championship in 2019.

Not to mention McLaren’s biggest change from 2021. McLaren will take on the power of Mercedes starting next season, giving the team a lot to be cheerful about.

Losing Ricciardo after a short stint would be a huge loss for Renault. However, the team needs a suitable replacement and is likely to keep an eye on a certain 4-time world champion.


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