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MIAMI – The family of a deceased cruise crew member who tested positive for COVID-19 on Tuesday filed a lawsuit against Royal Caribbean Cruises, saying the company failed to protect its employees as the pandemic ravaged them. crossings of the world.

The wrongful death case filed at the Miami circuit court said that Pujiyoko, 27, worked in the housekeeping of the Symphony of the Seas and suffered from flu-like symptoms, including fever and shortness of breath, but no has not been tested for six days.

The prosecution also argues that Royal Caribbean failed to follow basic safety precautions allowing buffets and parties and forcing crew members to participate in exercises, even after the United States government issued a prohibition order to navigate to fight coronavirus infections.

For cruise ships that were at sea when the order came into effect, the companies have negotiated the disembarkation of their passengers, arguing with countries and local governments suspicious of sick travelers. But for the most part, the crew remained on board ships floating offshore.

Pujiyoko, from Bali, Indonesia, was landed in a lifeboat and taken to a hospital in Fort Lauderdale on March 30, seven days after being first reported to the ship’s medical establishment. He died on April 11.

Michael Winkleman, a maritime lawyer representing the family, says that Pujiyoko had no underlying conditions and had undergone pre-employment and re-employment medical examinations to work for Royal Caribbean.

Winkleman said he would argue that arbitration agreements that limit crew members from suing cruise lines do not apply to this case because his contract was terminated by Royal Caribbean. The company said it did not comment on the pending litigation.

The complaint relates to an unspecified amount but affirms that his family is entitled to the income that the man would have continued to earn and to the cost of funeral.


Clarify that Pujiyoko, like many Indonesians, uses only one name. Fnu means “unknown first name” in the complaint.


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