FA to abandon proposal to see Aston Villa stay in Premier League – reports


The Football Federation will block any movement to make the season null and void, relegation taking place definitively at the end of the campaign.

The Times reported that the powers given to the FA in 1991 mean that the governing body should agree to any change in promotion and relegation, as well as a change in the number of Premier League teams.

With the suspension of the coronavirus now in its third month, there are fears that some devices may not be full, with 92 games still to be played.

There are issues to be resolved at the top and bottom of the division, with relegation teams reluctant to pursue the proposed plans.

With current social distancing measures, there is little, if any, chance that spectators will attend games, with a plan proposed to teams that the remaining games will be played on neutral venues.

Some teams, including Aston Villa, have made their positions known, with CEO Christian Purslow admitting he would be defeated by Dean Smith in six of his last 10 league games.

Aston Villa chief executive Christian Purslow surrounded by members of the media outside the Premier League headquarters in London
Aston Villa general manager Christian Purslow surrounded by members of the media outside the Premier League headquarters in London

The report suggests that an unnamed team wants relegation removed if it is forced to play under different conditions.

However, the FA remains committed to supporting the Premier League and will decide the competition on the basis of sporting merit, if the matches are not met.

Although the definition of sports merit remains open to interpretation, this means that Liverpool will almost certainly win its first title in 30 years, while relegation and European places will also be decided this way.

A member of the FA’s board of directors is said to have called the idea of ​​reversing the relegation “unacceptable.”

EFL President Rick Parry also suggested that things would get “very complicated” if three teams were not promoted from the championship.

Villa ends up in 19th place in the Premier League, with a game in hand over all of their relegation rivals.


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