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EVANDER HOLYFIELD alluded to a return to shock boxing at the age of 57 after Mike Tyson announced his intention to return to the ring.

Holyfield – who won two victories against Tyson – last fought in 2011 and despite his desire to fight for the heavyweight title, officially announced his retirement in 2014.

    Evander Holyfield Hinted At Shocking Boxing Return At Age 573
Evander Holyfield Hinted At Shocking Boxing Return At Age 57
    Holyfield last fought in 2011 and officially retired in 20143
Holyfield last fought in 2011 and officially retired in 2014

But he has now launched rumors that he would come back after tweeting a photo of him with the words “come back.”

The message was captioned: “A setback only paves the way for a return. “

Last year, Holyfield revealed his intention to step out of retirement to participate in exhibition matches in Japan, as Floyd Mayweather did against kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa in late 2018.

And his former heavyweight rival Tyson seems to have the same plan, after announcing that he would return to participate in charity exhibition fights.

Reformed man Baddest Man on the Planet has been back in training for three weeks, doing daily cardio and boxing workouts in his California home with the brain of MMA Rafael Cordeiro.

And Cordeiro, head coach of Kings MMA in California, thinks that Tyson would only need another five months to be ready for a real return-to-card fight.

The trainer, who was holding pads in the recent training clip that went viral, told ESPN: “Mike hadn’t hit mittens in 10 years, but as soon as we started, I thought” oh lord ! “

“I didn’t expect to see what I saw and he was a guy with the same speed and power as a 23 year old.

“I don’t know if he wants to fight again but he can do whatever he wants.

“I am 46 years old and I can say that he could fight anyone. If he wanted to come back, he could do boxing or MMA, he can use the same frame of mind for any sport or fight, the spirit is there.

“It would only take six months to come back and box anyone. These were our first mitt sessions, imagine after six months. “

Cordeiro said he would be interested in Tyson facing Holyfield for the third time, and the fans agreed.

Tyson won the WBC and WBA titles in 1996, but the same year he lost to Holyfield and sadly bit a piece of his ear in their rematch a year later.

Despite their history, they have since made up for it and were on the brink of the ring in February as Tyson Fury dethroned Deontay Wilder from the heavyweight crown.

    Tyson Lennos Lewis and Holyfield in Las Vegas


Tyson Lennos Lewis and Holyfield in Las VegasCredits: Getty Images – Getty

Mike Tyson coach Rafael Cordeiro “saw his life go by before his eyes” after showing frightening speed at 53 in a workout clip


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