EPA Denies Elon Musk’s Claims Regarding Tesla Model S Faulty Range Test


Elon Musk said during the Tesla results call that the Model S Long Range Plus – currently rated by the EPA at 391 miles (513 km) range – may actually be able to travel 400 miles (644 km) because the test was a bit defective.

The main problem is that the EPA would have left the car door open and the keys inside, resulting in a 2% battery drain overnight (during the test procedure, we assume).

“… the real Model S range is 400 miles, but when we did the last EPA test, unfortunately, [EPA] left the car door open and the keys in the car, so the car – and he did it overnight.

And so, the car waited in driver mode and lost 2% of its autonomy. And as a result, he had a 391 test. As soon as the EPA reopens for testing, we will start the test again, and we are actually confident that we will achieve a range of 400 miles or more with the Model S. But to be Clearly, the Model S, for the past two months – the true range of the Model S in the past two months has been 400 miles. ”

Elon Musk plans to repeat the test, but such a serious charge forced the EPA to take a stand. The EPA spokesperson denied the allegations in a statement to The edge:

“We can confirm that the EPA tested the vehicle correctly, the door was closed and we are happy to discuss any technical issues with Tesla, as we do regularly with all car manufacturers,”

Well, it would be great if the EPA and Tesla discussed the subject and repeated the test if necessary.


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