Enjoy these Harry Styles “Sugar Watermelon” music GIFs


Harry Styles, patron saint of touch hungry.
Photo: courtesy of Harry Styles / YouTube

Does Harry Styles want us to die? Monday morning – endless quarantine week – the singer released the music video Fine line single “Watermelon Sugar. The visuals evoke all the joys of summer: sun, touch, beaches, bikinis, touch, smile, friendship, picnics, touch, outdoor games, one or two watermelons caressed sensually, more touching. Either Harry Styles teases us with the summer, he knows that we are not allowed to go outside, or it is an act of compassion and kindness. Harry Styles lets us know what’s on the other side of his forties if we follow all the rules and stay at home: “The taste of strawberries one summer evening,he sings. Because Harry Styles can’t taste our strawberries (or, by the way, our summer parties) anytime soon, this selection of GIFs should be the next best thing. Enjoy it indoors, with AC blasting, and at your own risk.



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